Produce vlog style real estate walkthrough videos for €30 ($40)

A walkthrough video is proving an effective way to market property. You will weed out any who aren't truly interested and save your time as well as attract potential buyers from outside your normal market. The investment in equipment is reasonable and the cost per video is €30 ($40). You will need to make an upfront investment, but it will help you produce high quality 4K video.

We currently do the post-production of videos for Michael Lavelle Estate Agents in Dundalk, Ireland. As of spring 2023, they have over 6,000 subscribers and the channel continues to grow. After you shoot the source video and upload it to us, we edit the videos and upload them directly to your YouTube account in up to 4K resolution (requires a 4K camera).

Example Videos

Self produced video

IRISH 150 YEARS OLD STONECUT TERRACE | 3 BED| 13 Euston St, Greenore | Houses for Sale Carlingford

This walkthrough was created by the estate agent and edited by us. The total cost of the video was €30.

Video produced by us

Preparing Your House for a Successful Sale | Intro & Part 1- Hallway |

In this educational video we shot the video and did the editing. Use these high quality videos to educate your clients.

I'm interested, what else do I need?

You will need the equipment to record the video, a little practice, and then some graphics to add to your video. We highly recommend at least a smartphone gimbal to stabilise your video, although, if you are desperate to get started an iPhone handheld may get by.

Sample Startup Costs (mid-2023)

Budget Smartphone: €209

DJI Osmo Mobile SE €109

Basic title production intro/outro: €100

Your current smartphone: €0

HQ Smartphone: €808

DJI Osmo Mobile 6 €169
DJI Mic (single) €219
Tripod (SIRUI Traveler 5A) €70
Title production intro/outro: €350
(your current smartphone) €0

4K DJI Pocket: €939

DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo €519

  • DJI Pocket 2 Camera
  • DJI Mic Transmitter/receiver
  • Wide Angle Lens

Tripod (SIRUI Traveler 5A) €70
Title production intro/outro: €350

If your smartphone camera is not the best or you value simplicity, you can opt to get the DJI Pocket 2 which combines the gimbal and 4K camera in one unit. It costs more than the smartphone gimbal, but is a very high quality compact camera that is quick to set up and easier to use.

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