Drone Photography

We can shoot 4K video or 12MP photographs. We use a DJI Mini 3 Pro drone that can be flown in more locations than larger drones including flights directly over people and in urban locations. This opens up additional locations, simplifies permission to fly, and reduces liability as the risk of injury from a ultralight drone is greatly reduced.

Orthographic images are possible in high resolutions. The example below has a resolution of 250MP and 2cm per pixel or better (if you click the image you will view a downsized image at 2160px long edge)

Drone Videography

In the below example video we shot the drone video used in the intro/outro. We also created the titles and did the editing. The main interview footage was provided by our customer, so please excuse the poor audio quality. View the intro at the start and outro at 4:27. This video is HD 1080p

In the next example, we used some of the same footage, to make a cinematic tour around some locations in County Louth. This is 4K video so view it full screen and set it to 4K if your bandwidth and monitor support it.

Low-level Aerial Pole Photography

We also can photograph with our full size DSLR camera up to 10m/30ft in altitude. This provides unique views and maintains the higher quality of a heavy-weight camera.