Upfront Photography Pricing

€500/day €300/half-day (ex. VAT)

In response to the pandemic, we have lowered our prices and are now offering a day rate of €500 or half day for €300. This includes production, basic post processing (explained below and for more detail see our Post-Production FAQ), up to 400km travel is included for a full day and 200km for a half day (plus tolls and additional travel at €0.20/km), and an all media unlimited term usage license valid for the organization contracting our services.

A typical “day” of photography includes 8 hours of production, and 10-16 hours of post production. We separate out the cost of detailed post-production clean up of images as it can vary widely based on the condition/location of the property. 

Coronavirus Status Update

In harmony with the current guidelines, we are offering our services to other businesses (with masks and social distancing). 

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