Photography Post-production FAQ

What is post-production?

Post-production is everything that we do to an image after it is produced (photography is the production process). It includes adjusting the colors and tones of an image in Adobe Lightroom and correcting blemishes in Adobe Photoshop.

There are two phases involved in post-production. First there are several steps we use to get the final image. We use Photoshop to combine multiple photo layers with different lighting to enhance the natural lighting at the location or correct for strong color casts. The more images we layer to make the image, the more time it takes. But this can also greatly enhance the quality of the image.

Note for example the image of the pub below. To the camera it is quite dark. The light coming through the front windows is blinding. So several photographs with strobe lighting balanced to the exterior lighting are combined to produce a much higher quality final image. So that is the first step that can add time to the production of an image. We can limit this technique based on your budget. Giving us more time allows us more creativity.

A second example of a kitchen interior shows how we can control the lighting and make a much more interesting and dramatic image. Using a strobe light sunlight was simulated and the lighting was balanced to create a much more appealing look. Several layers were blended in Photoshop. This can take 1-2 hours of labour, but can greatly improve an image.

We can control the camera, but we cannot control everything at the location. Litter, weeds, dirt, dust, smudges, cracks in walls, scuffs on floors, broken windows, etc. can all distract from the quality of your design. Those distractions can be removed in post-production.

Below is an image of the Spencer Place building in Dublin which was a restoration project led by Paul Tyndall Architecture + Design. The brickwork has been restored, but the windows have not yet been replaced. They did not want to wait to be able to show off the quality of the restoration. So in about 4 hours of post-production all of the windows were replaced and blemishes in the cement work as well as distracting signs were removed. Removing the construction fencing would have been well over budget as it would have been very labour intensive, so we opted to mute the colors and draw attention back to the building.

Why isn't all post-production included in the day rate?

We include two hours of post-production for each hour of production in our half and full day rates. That is enough to process the majority of projects that are in good condition and do not have complex lighting requirements. That way you do not have to pay for more than you need. You can budget time according to the amount you wish to spend and get as high of quality as you desire. This pricing structure gives more control to our customers.

How much should I budget?

In general 30-60 minutes per image allows us to do most of what needs done to perfect each image. Large rooms that require complex lighting or twilight images can require 2-3 hours or more. We are happy to give you an estimate. If you give us extra time, we can often enhance images even further. We understand each project is unique, so please do your best to communicate your needs to us so we can meet your budget.