AVR Photography Rates

First hour: €150 ex-vat (184.50 VAT)
Additional hours: €35 (43.05 VAT)
Drone aerial photography add on: €50 (61.50 VAT)
Travel: €0.60/km, tolls billed at cost

Suggestions when requesting AVR photography

It is helpful if you provide us with as much information as possible regarding the locations and point of view you wish us to capture for your AVR images. Also, please designate what point of view you wish for each image, 24mm wide angle context images, or 45/50mm for accurate visual respresentation or "verified view" perspectives. Note: the equipment we use is a Sony Alpha 1 and Sigma 50mm f1.4 ART lens (48mm actual field of view).

Doing a screenshot of Google Maps and marking up locations can be helpful. A step better is to make a list of locations and save them to a sharable map on Google. Then we can use that to navigate to those points directly from the map.

We also find it is helpful if you include what buildings you want to be included to the left and right side of each image. If a specific point of view is of primary importance, please note that and we can take several images with a few degrees to the left and right to be sure to get precisely the right point of view.