Coronavirus Reopening Status Update

In harmony with the reopening guidelines, as of May 18th we are providing services as usual exluding occupied residential properties. We are also offering special rates to help our clients deal with uncertain financial conditions. More details below.

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Upfront Pricing / COVID Crisis Phase 1 Discounted Photography Rates

Basic Production €350/day €200/half-day (ex. VAT)

We are able to photograph as normal, excluding entering occupied residential properties. To help with the costs of the crisis, we are offering discounted photography which includes production of the images, licensing (unrestricted use), and basic editing (see explaination below) and travel expenses.

To explain "basic editing": In the image to the right, we combined 4 different images to reduce the number of autos and pedestrians. We also replaced the sky with a quick replacement method. The quality is good, but there are some distracting litter, construction barriers, pedestrians and autos. This would be included in basic editing.

Keep in mind, we will still spend 1-2 hours editing the images in post-production for each hour spent to produce them. So you are paying for 2+ days of our services at the "day rate".

Advanced Editing / Touch Ups €20/hour (ex. VAT)

Some images require a little extra work in post-processing. This can be somewhat labour intensive. Editing brickwork or removing objects that are blocking building features takes time, patience and some skill. 

This version of the image above looks much cleaner. Distracting pedestrians, autos, work barriers and litter have been removed. This required 8 images being combined plus a sky replacement. Around 4 hours were required to make all of this corrections.

In tight times you may opt to do basic editing to start, then when budgets are a little more generous, you can have your images polished in Photoshop and take them to the next level.