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We specialize in photography for architects, interior designers, hotels, builders, and estate agents. Have a look at our work, learn about our pricing, and contact us to get answers to your questions about costs. We offer our services in all of Ireland and are also willing to travel beyond. We hope we can work with you to highlight your designs.

Upfront Photography Pricing

€500/day €300/half-day (ex. VAT)

In response to the pandemic, we have lowered our prices and are now offering a day rate of €500 or half day for €300. This includes production, basic post processing (explained below and for more detail see our Post-Production FAQ), up to 400km travel is included for a full day and 200km for a half day (plus tolls and additional travel at €0.20/km), and an all media unlimited term usage license valid for the organization contracting our services.

A typical “day” of photography includes 8 hours of production, and 10-16 hours of post production. We separate out the cost of detailed post-production clean up of images as it can vary widely based on the condition/location of the property. 

Often (seen here to the right) in city parks and in public spaces there can be a large amount of litter, debris, vehicles and pedestrians. Removing these, especially on brickwork, can be quite time consuming. We separate those costs out as advanced post-production (see the next item below).

Advanced Post-production / Touch Ups €20/hour (ex. VAT)

Some images require a little extra work in post-processing to correct for things that are beyond our control. This can be somewhat labour intensive. Editing brickwork or removing objects that are blocking building features takes time, patience and some skill. 

This version (left) of the image above looks much cleaner. Distracting pedestrians, autos, work barriers and litter have been removed. This required 8 images being combined plus a more precise sky replacement technique. Around 4 hours were required to make all of these corrections.

You can set a budget for these corrections, and we will do the best quality editing in the time allotted. We can provide you an estimate for each image for which you request advanced post-processing

Coronavirus Status Update

In harmony with the current guidelines, we are offering our services to other businesses (with masks, social distancing, and possibly not the best haircut). We are also offering promotional pricing with more details below.

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